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Target Program

The direction of UPT Library policy in the future is in accordance with the development of information technology directed to become a digital library (digital library). In addition, UPT Libraries in providing collections must be based on curriculum and user needs that refer to quality standards. There are several targets to be achieved in the development program of the Ar-Raniry UIN Library, namely: First, creating the best learning environment (creating exceptional learning area). Second, making UPT Library become a very pleasant place to learn and complete academic tasks (being a place where people love to finish academic tasks and learn). Third, creating relevance between library collections and library needs (creating relevance library collections and user needs). Fourth, 90% of the Ar-Raniry UIN Community Scientific Work is uploaded in the institutional repository ( Fifth, the achievement of excellent service that meets minimum service standards. Sixth, the achievement of certified librarian competencies and the adequacy of librarians. Seventh, presents a standard, comfortable, safe, innovative and inspiring space for learning, discussing, and exploring the UPT Library collection.