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Vision: TO BE A SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION CENTER WHICH IS EXCELLENCE, RELEVANT, INNOVATIVE, COMPETITIVE, AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDIZED IN 2022 This vision can be understood as follows: 1. The scientific communication center intended in the vision is to become an institution in which the process of telesuraning, development, and dissemination of printed and non-printed information literacy is centralized at the UPT Library of Ar-Raniry UIN so that all the community of UIN Ar-Raniry will be helped by the presence of UPT Library. 2. Superior is interpreted to have its own uniqueness that is not owned by the same institution at the same level. With these advantages, the UPT Library has a distinctive feature with other libraries and this can also be a special attraction for users. One that can distinguish it is that all the works of Nurdin Ar-Raniry, Syech Abdurrauf Singkili are in UPT Library both in the form of digits and in the form of microfiche. 3. Relevant is the suitability of UPT Library collections with the development of the Ar-Raniry UIN College Tridharma. The UPT Library's main function is to support the learning process at UIN, therefore the collection core must be relevant to the Ar-Raniry UIN concentration. 4. Innovative is always moving and keep moving in the process of balancing the speed of development of information technology and UPT Library always strives to develop services that make users impressed and satisfied. 5. Competitiveness is a condition of the presence of UPT Library always racing with the development of science and technology. Therefore facilities and management are oriented towards the advancement of information technology. UPT Libraries must be able to deliver quality services due to international standards in this field. 6. International standards are